Black Friday/Christmas: 5 Tips for Writing Quality Product Sheets on Amazon


As we approach Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas, we’re sharing our tips on how to optimise your product catalogue on the Amazon Marketplace. These are our 5 tips for writing quality product sheets as the holidays approach the end of the year.

1 / Make them click

Amazon has become the go-to site for shoppers on Black Friday and in the run up to Christmas. A recent study by CPC Strategy estimates that 80% of American online shoppers will visit the marketplace during the holiday season. This trend is also spreading across Europe, where Amazon is becoming the first port of call for many online shoppers.

This means it’s really important to have clear and meaningful titles to optimise your listing and encourage buyers to click on your products. Firstly, your titles must begin with the brand, especially if it is well known to the general public. Then, add the product type, its characteristics, and its attributes. The length shouldn’t exceed 200 characters, to ensure optimum readability.

For example, if you are selling a pair of Nike women’s shoes, then your ad could look like this: Nike, Women’s Running Sneakers, Roshe Run, 37, Gray.

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2 / Use quality visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words, so take some time to improve the images on your product pages. This is especially true for your main image, which will be the first thing shoppers see when they find your product on the marketplace. For this image, Amazon asks sellers to present the product clearly on a white background and as clean as possible.

Once the customer clicks on your product, they’ll need additional images to convince them to buy. With these images, the rules are different. Amazon gives sellers more freedom to tell a story with product to help potential customers get involved with their purchases. For additional images, you can add backgrounds and scenarios, as well as other products or objects.

For example, if you sell a shaving kit for men, you can use additional images to show the different elements of the kit, as well as a man using it to shaving his beard.

3 / Beat the competition

Christmas is a crucial time for online retailers, which means you have to be strategic to ensure shoppers go for your product over your competitors. To cope with the peak sales, you can use the “Fulfilment by Amazon” programme, that will allow you to overcome logistical constraints. You can also take advantage of this high sales period to remove one of the main obstacles in the checkout process: delivery costs. This will help boost your sales and will also help you meet the requirements of the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

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You can also take advantage of Amazon’s Automate Pricing tool to offer the best price to potential customers. With this tool, your prices adjust automatically based on data collected by Amazon. To do this, you must set up a rule directly within Amazon to control the price you want to compare to. If you use Lengow, you will be asked to set up a rule within our platform so that your ‘price’ field becomes empty.

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Taking all of these steps will increase your chances of getting the “Buy Box”.

4 / Boost your bullet points

Although bullet points aren’t a requirement on Amazon, they highly recommended them. The opportunity to provide buyers with a quick summary of key elements and product benefits.

The ideal number for your product page is between 3 and 5 points. However, don’t use bullet or asterisk characters in your field, as bullets are automatically added.

Here is an example for a rain coat:

  • Made in France
  • Waterproof
  • 100% breathable
  • Available in khaki, yellow or green
  • Machine washable

5 / Information to leave off your product sheets

Amazon asks their sellers to give as much information about products as possible to optimise both sales and referencing on the platform. However, some information should not appear on your product pages.

Do not include vendor-specific information in your titles, bulleted points, or product descriptions. Don’t give out your contact details (phone number, postal address, links to your online store), and do not mention your competitors or add any promotional information to your product pages.

To find out more, download our guide on how to improve your ranking on Amazon and win the Buy Box.

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Maud Leuenberger

Editorial Project Leader @lengow

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