Be reactive to current events: adapt your product catalogue under all circumstances with Lengow


As a merchant, your activity is not limited to the sale of your products. You have to be constantly on the lookout to respond to changes in market conditions and demand.

Following the latest trends in the market, anticipating societal changes, reacting to a sudden event… the list goes on. These are challenges you have to face to ensure the longevity of your business. To be as reactive as possible and maintain your online performance, discover how Lengow helps you to act in certain circumstances.

1/ The trend effect

While the effect of trends isn’t new, they have become more pronounced in the age of the internet: everything moves faster, including the product life cycle. To be able to react at the right time, you need to be ready to boost the sale of the products concerned on the right channels and to the right audience.

Let’s take the 2022 World Cup as an example. If during this sporting event, country X wins against country Y, you can quickly sell the winning team’s kits by creating a personalized label in our platform (“WorldCup_Kit_2022”). Then target buyers from country X by opening new channels with a click, such as retargeting platforms to redirect internet users who have already consulted the product sheet of the winning country’s football kit without having completed their order. To best anticipate this period, we also advise you to open up certain international marketplaces in advance to push your products during this peak period.

Influencers also create trends by partnering to promote brands to their community. If an influencer talks about headphones from brand A on social networks, keep an eye on their activity, and increase the visibility of the brand’s products in your catalogue. To do this, group the products from the brand using our “Segments” feature. This allows you to create segments from one or more fields of your source catalogue (brand A in this case). You can set up the segment by grouping the products from “Brand A” and the “Headphones” category and then create a rule to offer a 10% promotion for one week.

2/ Come rain or come shine

In good or bad weather, you need to be reactive to adapt your offer to the demand. If good weather arrives earlier than expected or if temperatures suddenly rise, you will highlight fans, summer clothing, sunscreen, garden furniture, etc. In this context, you can create a “Fan” Segment grouping the 10 products that generated the most revenue over the last 30 days.

Conversely, in the event of unfavourable weather conditions, you can temporarily exclude the “Sunglasses” segment from your product catalogue, or your offer to travel to a country/city that has been affected by a natural disaster.

3/ “Bad buzz”

Some brands may also be subject to “bad buzz”. Product recall by a manufacturer, brand in the midst of a scandal, etc. These events are usually sudden and require quick action on your part to minimize the impact on your business. To deal with this “bad buzz” as quickly as possible, create a Segment grouping together the products concerned which you can temporarily or permanently exclude from sale. 

More and more brands are also being targeted because kids’ toys are not necessarily gender-specific. If you are one of them, we suggest you update your product titles and descriptions using our “Optimizations” feature. For example, if you have indicated in your description “girl’s toy”, you can automatically replace this value with “children’s toy”.

Whatever the context, responsiveness is the key to losing the least sales possible. To help you in this process, Lengow provides you with features that will ensure your success and longevity in this constantly evolving market. To find out more, visit our help center or contact our team:



Naomi Botting

Field Marketing Specialist

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