Euro 2016: Germany vs Italy! Germany won the football but who’s stronger in the world of ecommerce?


For the last 3 weeks, France has been under the spell of Euro 2016. An event which truly brings everyone together, the Euros are not only being watched by millions at home but have also drawn hundreds of thousands of fans to France, to watch the matches and absorb the ambience.

For the Euro 2016 quarter finals this weekend, Germany came head-to-head with Italy. Sitting comfortably in 3rd place on the European ecommerce market podium, Germany is playing its cards right. However, at 6th place, with multiple strings to its bow, it certainly isn’t the last we’ve heard of Italy. However, with 76% of its online shoppers buying cross-border, Italy is ahead of Germany 61%.

As we saw on Saturday, the game was effectively a tight one! Surpassing the original 90 minute game plan and even the traditional 5 penalties, the game was eventually won by the Germans. To mark the occasion, we have created a set of fun European Ecommerce Championships infographics.

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