Prime Video Ads: A Game-Changer for Amazon and Its Sellers?


The digital advertising arena is undergoing a transformation with Amazon Prime Video rolling out ads in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany in January 2024, followed by France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia later in the year. This strategic development places Amazon, already the third-largest digital ad seller globally, into the competitive arena of U.S. streaming television. This move extends beyond Amazon’s corporate goals, raising pivotal questions for sellers and advertisers. Are Prime Video ads the innovative breakthrough that could redefine advertising strategies and opportunities in the streaming domain?

1/ Amazon’s Growing Ad Dominance

Amazon’s significant growth in the digital advertising sector is evident with its ad revenue climbing 26% year-on-year, reaching over $12 billion in the third quarter. This increase highlights not just Amazon’s expansive market presence but also its capability to utilize extensive consumer data for targeted advertising. It offers sellers potential advantages, as Amazon’s data-driven approach enables precise targeting based on customer shopping history and location.

However, this dominance in ad revenue and data analytics also brings into focus the increasing concentration of market power in the hands of a few large tech companies. While this provides sellers with sophisticated tools for targeted advertising, it also raises questions about market competition and data privacy. Sellers leveraging Amazon’s advertising platform must navigate these dynamics, balancing the benefits of targeted advertising with broader market considerations.

2/ The Revenue Potential of Prime Video Ads

Amazon Prime Video Viewers Evolution 2023-2027

Morgan Stanley estimates that Amazon could generate an additional $5.2 billion in annual revenue from ad sales on Prime Video, complemented by the $2.99 monthly surcharge for viewers who opt for an ad-free experience. This prediction points to a significant financial opportunity for Amazon, showcasing the potential profitability of integrating ads into its streaming service. 

For sellers, the introduction of Prime Video ads opens a new avenue to reach a diverse and expanding audience. Utilizing Amazon’s data-driven targeting tools, sellers have the potential to deliver more effective and relevant advertising to Prime Video’s user base. This capability represents a strategic expansion of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem, potentially benefiting both Amazon and its community of sellers.

3/ Challenges and Competition

Entering the competitive streaming ad market, Amazon faces challenges against established players such as Walt Disney, and Netflix. These companies have already secured their positions in the market, creating a challenge for Amazon to establish its own niche. A significant part of this challenge involves persuading large brands and advertising agencies to invest a portion of their advertising budgets in Prime Video. This is particularly daunting given the enduring dominance of traditional TV advertising.

US Streaming Viewership in December 2023

Additionally, Amazon’s strategy for Prime Video ads includes attracting nonendemic brands, which are brands that typically do not sell products on the Amazon marketplace. This approach is vital as it broadens the scope of Amazon’s advertising reach beyond its traditional platform. By appealing to a more diverse set of sellers and reaching a wider consumer base, Amazon aims to enhance the attractiveness and utility of its ad services. However, this also means venturing into new territory and persuading brands that have not previously engaged with Amazon’s ecosystem to consider advertising on Prime Video.

5/ Shoppable Ads: A godsend for sellers?

Amazon is taking a significant step in advertising innovation with the introduction of “shoppable ads” on Prime Video. This feature enables viewers to directly purchase products from the ads they see during streaming. A prime example of this innovative approach was the first-ever NFL Black Friday football game streamed on Prime Video on November 24, 2023. During this event, viewers had unique opportunities to shop for special deals and limited-quantity product drops from popular brands like Dyson, LEGO, or Nintendo. Amazon made these offers available at various times throughout the game, including before kickoff and after the game ends, making it a dynamic shopping experience directly from viewers’ living rooms.

This approach underlines the evolving landscape of digital advertising, where the integration of direct purchasing options into streaming content can offer a unique and engaging experience for viewers. Amazon’s initiative in this area marks a significant development in the way advertisers and sellers may interact with and reach their audience, hinting at future trends in digital advertising strategies.

High-quality, engaging content is paramount for attracting advertisers. Despite significant investments in original content and sports rights, Amazon still trails behind competitors like Disney+ and Netflix in perceived content quality. For sellers, this implies that their ads’ success is partly contingent on the quality and appeal of the surrounding content.

Summarizing words: The potential for Prime Video ads is immense, both for the company and for sellers. With its vast data resources, innovative ad formats like shoppable ads, and ongoing investments in high-quality content, Amazon is poised to redefine the streaming ad space. For sellers, this means access to a highly engaged audience with targeted advertising capabilities, presenting an exciting, if somewhat challenging, new frontier in digital advertising. The question remains, will Prime Video ads be the game-changer that Amazon and sellers alike are hoping for? Only time will tell, but the possibilities are certainly intriguing.

Adrian Gmelch

Adrian Gmelch is a tech and e-commerce enthusiast. He initially worked for an international PR agency in Paris for large tech companies before joining Lengow's international field marketing & content team.

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