Improve your Mobile Strategy with Instagram Dynamic Ads


Increasingly popular with mobile users, it was revealed in June that Instagram has now gained over 500 million monthly active users worldwide. An advertising playground for many brands, it goes without saying that the social network is an important tool for your e-commerce business.


To offer its customers an up to date user experience, the social network continues to add new, exciting features. Among these are “Instagram Stories” (in the same style as Snapchat), and the ability to zoom in on photos and videos. Instagram is also updating its social commerce strategy, brought about by its purchase from Facebook – which includes a “Buy” button and Dynamic Ads on its platform.

How Dynamic Ads Can Benefit Your Business

Launched by Facebook in 2015, Dynamics Ads aim to help online retailers set up acquisition and/or retargeting campaigns to promote their product catalogue on Facebook. The personalisation capabilities of Dynamic Ads enable sellers to be present at every stage of the buying journey, from initial product discovery through to final purchase, and in a way that reflects the individual customers’ readiness to buy. Not to mention the cross device capabilities available with this new type of advertising, accompanying the customer across the online buying journey, which is what led Facebook to extend Dynamic Ads to Instagram.

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How do Dynamic Ads Work on Instagram?

We strongly recommended that you have an Instagram account but you can set up adverts using your Facebook page in Power Editor. The creation process for your advert will be the same as before: create a campaign, an ad set and an advert. When you configure your ad set (budget, calendar, audience, etc) and your advert, choose Instagram in the placement section(the place where the advert will appear).

Your advertising objective has to be in line with Instagram’s advertising:

  • Involvement in page advertising
  • Clicks to a website
  • Conversions on a website
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Involvement in mobile apps
  • Video views

Expanding your advertising to Instagram allows you to reach new customers, and take advantage of a social network with a very visual foundation, sharing both images and videos of your product.

To learn more about Dynamic Ads, download our free whitepaper “All you need to know about Facebook Dynamic Ads”.


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