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Along with the explosion of multi-channel commerce, the amount and nature of data to be collected, analysed and exploited has grown exponentially in recent years; this is particularly the case for brands gradually moving towards a ‘direct to customer’ model. Retailers must understand their market and optimise their sales on a daily basis on marketplaces and in other transactional environments. In this context, we are today launching INSIGHTS: a major innovation to facilitate the analysis and automation of your (e)commerce.

Data at the heart of our activity

Every day, Lengow supports more than 4600 brands and distributors by diffusing their product catalogues on an increasing number of marketing channels. Since the beginning, we have been at the heart of the exchange of this data. Many projects have been launched in recent years with the objective of collecting, standardising and optimising all this data, therefore allowing marketing and e-commerce teams to become more autonomous.

In 2015, for example, we introduced the concept of “e-commerce automation” which allowed our customers to benefit from powerful but easy-to-use tools and connectors to orchestrate sales without any intervention from their technical teams.

Today, Lengow is taking another step forward in the management and analysis of your data by announcing the launch of INSIGHTS.


Data visualization and management

Built on the foundations of Lengow, INSIGHTS allows you to go faster and further in your (e)business strategies. How? Through recommendations and task automation, on your scope of activity in the short term, but also new channels, products, and so on in the longer term.

The foundations of this project have been laid. This consists of opening our platform and data to new types of actors: Business Intelligence tools (Table, Datastudio, Looker, etc.) and data warehouses (Bigquery, Redshift).


The idea is to allow all departments of a company to analyse sales on marketplaces, changes in their product catalogue and the impact on their business. Marketing and business intelligence teams can collaborate on the analysis of their data and free themselves from the process of integrating data.

For less advanced users, or those wishing to save time, data report templates will be proposed within our platform.


Smart recommendations

In addition to data visualisation, INSIGHTS aims above all to help brands and retailers to activate their data through “intelligent” recommendations. Through the feature, we provide concrete advice to increase your sales or the profitability of your products on existing channels. Through monitoring, alerts and prediction systems, INSIGHTS offers you a multitude of tools to optimise your ROI and conquer new markets.


Activation of new channels

INSIGHTS will also facilitate the activation of new marketing channels for all or part of your product catalogue. This is via the analysis of the data passing through Lengow and advanced recommendation algorithms. The objective is to connect the right channels at the right time, with the right products at the right price. This way, you’ll have the maximum impact while optimising human and financial investments.


INSIGHTS the future of Lengow and our industry

INSIGHTS is a concrete example of what we have built over the past few years. This project is what we fight for every day. An ‘e- / m- / s- commerce’ which should be automated, according to the objectives specific to each of your products and markets, allowing you to develop your activity with complete peace of mind.

For the time being, INSIGHTS is being gradually rolled out to our clients. Feel free to contact our teams for more information.

Mickael Froger

CEO @ lengow

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