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Floriane Courtois presents Lengow Academy, our internal e-learning tool that places training and skills development at the heart of the company’s HR policy.

1/ Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what do you do at Lengow?

I’ve been working at Lengow for more than 5 years and I’m in charge of internal communication within the HR team. My missions include the animation of the Internal Social Network, organization of company events, employer branding, etc. I support projects such as the launch of internal tools like the Lengow Academy!

2/ Can you tell us about Lengow Academy?

The Lengow Academy is our e-learning tool. It is an open-access platform for all employees throughout their career at Lengow. A team of internal authors can create presentations, training sessions, quizzes or videos and assign them to the employees of their choice or make them freely available in the “on-demand” online catalog.

It is a collaborative tool since each Module has a dedicated discussion forum. Everyone can ask a question to the community or add additional information, which allows for continuously updated information!

3/ What is the objective of Lengow Academy?

Our 3 main objectives: Centralize, Train and Track.

We have been able to gather all the useful information for our teams in one place. Previously, we had to look for the different contents on the right or on the left depending on the theme. In a way, it’s like our intranet.

Training and skills development is also at the heart of our HR policy. It is essential to support our employees on a daily basis in this Lengow adventure because they are our first ambassadors.

We also wanted to have a better follow-up of the training actions (statistics, progress, annual report, etc.). We can then use the data to propose new training courses, adapt the content or follow up with the learners.

Finally, our strong desire was to have a tool that would be “attractive” to employees. Training can sometimes be seen as a non-priority task in the agenda. Lengow Academy is an interactive digital tool (discussion forum, emoticon reactions, etc.), with an ounce of fun thanks to quizzes and gamification (reward badges, learner ranking, etc.) which makes employees want to connect to it.

4/ What types of training does the Lengow Academy offer?

The available catalog is growing every day! Employees can find general training courses to develop their knowledge of the e-commerce sector and the players in our ecosystem, as well as content directly related to our tool (presentation of features, release notes from the product team, etc.) or video talks from our teams (news, upcoming projects, team organization, etc.).

The database also contains content focused on skills development (courses to support our managers, to develop the sales methods of our salespeople, etc.).

Finally, we have centralized all HR information to answer questions that employees may have on a daily basis (how the CPF works, the various leaves, COVID information, the mutual insurance company, workstation ergonomics, good practices for remote working, etc.).

Lengow Academy Protection - Color

5/ It is therefore a key tool to integrate and train newcomers?

Absolutely, and even more so in this period of hybrid or 100% remote!

Lengow integrates more than 50 newcomers every year (interns, work-study students, professional contracts, fixed-term and permanent contracts). Onboarding is a key step for the successful integration of these talents. We want to offer them a complete, enjoyable and personalized training through general interactive courses in Lengow as well as specific business onboarding.

We have therefore completely digitized our onboarding process. Each newcomer receives his or her access even before the start of the contract in order to start his or her administrative onboarding. This way, they can get their first taste of our world and gently discover a tool that will follow them throughout their professional experience with us.  We then provide them with various training courses to give them all the keys they need to become acculturated and discover how we work. Of course, we keep face-to-face exchanges with different interlocutors, but the Lengow Academy meets a real need for remote onboarding (for our offices in Germany, during confinement, etc.).

6/ Does this tool provide animation possibilities?

Despite the confines, we have been able to offer our employees internal activities in teams or solo via the Lengow Academy: Digital Escape Game, Blind test, good first aid practices… The possibilities are numerous and allow us to compensate a little for the cessation of the usual team-building events.


Another great company project also hosted by the tool is the Annual Certification. Training is promoted for one month within the company with e-learning courses, practical cases, video workshops and then on the same day, at the same time, all employees take a certification on the tool to validate their knowledge. There is no pressure, just a common objective of simple knowledge about our tool, how it works, what it is used for, etc.


Thanks to Lengow Academy, we have been able to innovate and propose new formats for internal animation, even if we all long to be able to do a team seminar in person!

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