[What We Do] Felix Etoke, Lengow’s Online Acquisition Manager


Check out our interview with Félix Etoke, Online Acquisition Manager in Lengow’s marketing team.

1/ Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! My name is Felix, I’m Lengow’s Online Acquisition Manager. I’m a citizen of the world who loves intercultural exchange. I’m of Cameroonian origin and have lived in several continents. I love all things travel, team sports (especially basketball and/or football), series, music, tech news, webmarketing, and social media. I’ve got a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Marketing (traditional marketing, let’s say) and Digital Marketing. I’ve been building my experience in webmarketing and e-commerce (ExxonMobil, Canal+, Here Maps, People & Baby) for 5 – 6 years now; I’m delighted to say that it’s precisely 2 years since I joined Lengow.

2/ What are your main tasks? And your biggest challenge?

To be down-to-earth, my job is to make people who have never heard of Lengow, but who have an interest in the type of services/benefits that our solution offers, come across one of our (very convincing 😊) ads. They need to click on it, visit our site, and from there fill in a (contact) form to concretely become leads/prospects that our sales team will get in contact with.

The idea is to make Lengow known and adopted by retailers as well as potential partners (agencies, marketplaces, various channels) in the various markets where Lengow is present. This involves launching and managing paid referencing campaigns on Google (SEM) and advertising on social networks (SMA) → “acquisition campaigns”.

The biggest challenge here is to be effective in finding the most qualified prospects, among the mass of individuals who populate the vast territory that is the internet, in sufficient quantity to generate business and supply sales with business opportunities. There is a dimension of quantity versus quality to be taken into account, while managing acquisition costs.

3/ Who do you work with internally?

On a daily basis; I work with the different departments of the Communication and Marketing team in order to promote Lengow’s offer, our website, our content (webinars, guides/resources, articles, etc.), our events, and so on.

I interact with our sales team frequently, too, because the insights and/or specificities of each of their markets have to be taken into account in order to optimise the campaigns I manage and to feed them efficiently.

4/ And externally?

My interactions with the outside world are mainly with account managers of the tools I use in my daily work (Google, LinkedIn, etc). The idea is to feed exchanges on optimisations to be implemented and to be on the lookout for new functionalities to test, so that I can constantly reinvent myself in the way I go out and find leads for Lengow.

5/ What tools do you use?

I work with:

  • Google’s advertising managers in particular (Adwords / Google Ads), LinkedIn (campaign manager), Facebook, Bing and sometimes Twitter or Quora.
  • Google Analytics to observe the evolution of the performance of the Lengow website, blog or various operations set up online.
  • Supermetrics to aggregate some data from the main tools I use in dashboards.
  • WordPress to create and/or optimise the landing pages of Lengow’s website, which is where some campaigns redirect to.
  • Salesforce (originally in Nutshell also of course).
  • In order to be reactive in the creation/edition of graphics (images/videos) I use Placeit, Canva, FotoJet, CloudApp, etc.
  • Not forgetting tools to choose relevant keywords to use such as SEMrush, Yooda, Keywords Tool, Ubersuggest, etc.
  • DeepL to do small translations sometimes (although I prefer to annoy the sales team for this).
  • Depending on the project, I may need to test/use others tools from time to time.

6/ What project are you currently working on?

At the moment, my project is working on obtaining “qualified” people (quantity and  quality) to register for the very first virtual edition of Lengow Day.

7/ Finally, if you had to choose a song that could represent Lengow?

Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott: Hero 😅 

First of all, I really like this song. But above all, I find that the lyrics of the chorus can be those of a merchant who would need our solution. Think about it…

  • And they say that a hero could save us → There are quite a few feed management solutions on the market to help us
  • I’m not gonna stand here and wait → Why overthink it when I know that Lengow is the best?
  • I’ll hold on to the wings of the eagles → So I will wisely trust Lengow’s features.
  • Watch as we all fly away → And considerably boost my sales 😉

Makes sense, right? 😊

And, as for the song’s title, let’s say Lengow is the “Hero” for all those merchants desperately in need of accompaniment to make the best decisions for their strategy, and boost sales!

That’s it for me.

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