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In 2021, individuals will spend 2 hours 58 minutes a day on their mobile phone. As this figure continues to increase, sales via mobile are also growing strongly, representing 3.56 billion dollars. We interviewed Ilya Shirokov, co-founder of the mobile marketplace JOOM to discuss this trend. Read on for his advice and vision of m-commerce in the coming years.

1. How do you explain the relationship that consumers have with mobile?

Let’s assume that a smartphone is like a new limb or a new sense organ. According to Statista data, people all over the world are spending more and more time on their smartphones, connected to the internet, and consequentially, less time sitting in front of personal computers. These figures are evidence that mobile shopping is not only replacing the use of bulkier devices, but it also replacing several offline processes, and transferring them to the palm of one’s hand.

We can debate forever whether this is good or bad, but the fact remains that many things can be done more easily with the help of a mobile phone. We provide the internet’s best online shopping service—and our goal is to offer our users a quintessentially comfortable shopping experience. We take the best of online: social media, recommendations, personalization, and a simple and user-friendly interface, and combine all of this with the best of what is available offline—the ability to choose from your favorite brands, to look at an item from all sides, as well as quick delivery and quality customer support. This is how we built relationships with our mobile users—and then people are still surprised by how much time we all spend with our phones in our hands. They simply want to stay on Joom!

2. What will tomorrow’s m-commerce look like?

We believe that mobile commerce will continue to grow at a record pace, just as it has until now. This opens wonderful opportunities for us, because Joom is a mobile-first product and all of our advanced developments were specifically designed for mobile audience.

Experience in Asia has proven that a mobile application can unite several key functions which most users require within a single app—the ability to place an order in a variety of product categories, from food to large-sized items, to pay or transfer money to a friend, to share your experience with other shoppers or one’s subscribers, and much more. We are moving, in stages, towards being the first to offer the West an app which offers all of this and will provide our users with a unique experience.

3. Why do brands have to invest in mobile marketplaces?

For brands, this is a great opportunity to have a new point of contact with loyal customers and to acquire millions of new fans around the world.

The vast majority of customers use only 2-3 applications for shopping, and they select those applications offering the best service and the widest variety of products at the best prices. Only leading marketplaces can offer this to users.

At Joom, we understand perfectly that each brand has its own values and its own particular viewpoint which should not get “lost in the crowd”. Therefore, we offer brands a unique solution—a platform in which each brand has its own space, in which each brand is essentially its own boss. Here, you will decide yourself which items to offer, how you will present your collections, and how you will interact with your subscribers. Joom takes responsibility for all technical tasks—from maintaining the platform to ensuring quality delivery services, freeing brands to focus on selling and presenting themselves as they see best. However, Joom is always available to support brands both with its promotional instruments and also through its influencers exchange platform, which allows brands to significantly boost sales thanks to reviews by influencers.

4. 3 tips to succeed on JOOM?

– Sell those items which you are proud of—we will make sure that everyone finds out about them.

– The more photos and content the better. Users like to look at items before they make a selection.

– Deliver your orders on-time—delivery time is a critical factor for users.

Use all the instruments which Joom offers for promoting your products—this will significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales.

Do you want to sell your products on the mobile marketplace JOOM? Contact our teams to learn more!


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