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JOOM is a shopping application currently operating in China, Korea, Turkey, and European countries (including France). They are known for producing a wide range of useful and effective tools for international business development. JOOM has their own sorting and distribution center, package consolidation service, and deliver orders across Europe, the US, and Russia. Plus, they’re actively recruiting European sellers, so watch out for their benefits!

Joom and its Logistics company have established themselves as pioneers in the delivery management industry thanks to ML and other AI technologies. Lengow asked, Joom answered: what makes them stand out?

1/ Could you tell us more about your marketplace, please?

We have been developing Joom as a shopping app with a built-in social network and a platform for brands and influencers since its birth. Thus, we’ve built a great program inside Joom that connects bloggers and sellers. We quickly realized that influencers’ opinions could really be a driver for sales. We have introduced live streams to boost sales and showcase a seller’s products and we are working with influencers outside the platform to share their opinions about Joom. 

Currently, we work regularly with almost 200 bloggers worldwide. We train them, entertain them and invite them to participate in all our projects. The total coverage of these bloggers is around 3.5 million people in all European countries. The largest community is now in France, Spain, and Poland.

2/ What is something that makes Joom stand out?

Pros for sellers? First of all, it’s free for them as long as the delivery is included in the price for customers. Joom Logistics offers favorable rates, allows parcel tracking, and gives maximum simplicity – the seller only gives orders with printed labels to our courier. Additionally, we recently introduced a service for external orders that can now be delivered with JL as well.

Joom is the first marketplace to offer European sellers the possibility to deliver orders to Russian clients who are currently extremely active on the platform. There is still no other delivery service of the same quality and simplicity: no bureaucracy, no direct contact with customers. Joom does it all. 

3/ How do you keep shoppers engaged and satisfied?

In 2020, we began to organize sales regularly and saw a very positive response. Since then, we’ve had more than 400 sales and held 4 huge promotions. We use key mechanics, such as coupons, pushes, fire baskets, selections, and promotions, as well as cross-marketing support.

For our 5th birthday sale, we prepared some new mechanics: extra discounts of 5-15% offered by Joom in addition to the merchants’ ones, lovely gifts to accompany purchases, free items, reward wheels with conditional coupons, etc. Thanks to all these tools we could bring even more fun and joy to the shopping experience. In terms of media promotion, Joom held a huge Facebook and YouTube campaign to communicate on its birthday activities.

4/ What are some of the benefits of using your platform?

Last year, we introduced a “TopStore” status available to the most active brands on the platform. It gives them extra exposure for the products, more traffic, and helps to grow their loyal customers’ community. Joom offers Top Stores lots of possibilities to develop their business, such as live streams, product videos, and special promotions, special attractive prices for the store’s followers, seller’s coupons, and discounts for multi-buys.

Moreover, we offer personalized help to sellers in their native language and communicate with customers in 21 languages. We take care of small but meaningful things like translations, so that way brands and retailers can use their time wisely taking care of other things.

5/ How do you support your customers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Social responsibility became crucial in the pandemic. In 2020, we held a lot of promotions to support European sellers during these hard times for businesses globally and we do not intend to stop. We’ve had great success with our Global Fest with a new country promo each day. Stay tuned for British weeks as well coming in August!

6/ What are some things you’re looking forward to in the future?

Joom is currently working on a new tab “Support local sellers” – a new app feature that will allow European customers to find local products in one click. This tab will contain some tips and useful info for sellers and a direct link to registration on the platform. It will be launched in July 2021.

Finally, our priority categories are the following: fashion, home & kitchen, and health & beauty. As for the latter, we are now observing a stable growth for dietary supplements. By the way, its sales are open exclusively to European sellers!

Are you interested in JOOM and would like to sell your products there? Lengow makes it easy for you to connect to the marketplace. Just get in touch!

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