Interview of Themah Wilson : “Become Network consists of about 400 portal partners worldwide”


We have recently met with Themah Wilson, who is Team Leader Shop Business UK at Become Europe and she told us a bit more about how Become Network helps merchant to sell more online. Become Europe specializes in providing target group oriented shopping solutions for portal providers as well as online shops. They place merchants’ products on their price comparison website as well as on the price comparison websites of their partners.

The network consists of about 400 portal partners worldwide with millions of product data provided by more than 30.000 merchants. Here are a few question we asked to Themah recently

What are the merchant benefits when listing with Become?

Themah Wilson (T.W.): The merchant advantage is the global reach of the Become Network. With just one contract a merchant is entitled to listing on an entire network of price comparison portals. In addition to the UK the following countries are also available: Germany, Italy, France, USA and Japan.

What is Become Europe business model?

T.W. : At Become, offering shop solutions is our core business. We offer our merchants listings on over 400 portal partner sites worldwide and provide millions of offers, which can be integrated on their website to expand their range. To ensure our merchant satisfaction we are always striving to ensure qualified traffic. In return, we require qualified traffic on a CPC which is category based. The optional cost free installation of our sales tracking allows Become to make continuous optimisations and improve conversion rate.

What are the latest developments at Become?

T.W. : Become Europe is continuously working on expanding its merchant and portal network. We use our state of the art technology in forming partnerships with some of the UK’s top players such as Quidco and Money Supermarket.

What would be your advices to merchants for the Christmas period?

T.W.: Here are seven among the most important details in our opinion :

  1. Try to stand out from your competition. For example, Become Europe offers its customers a cost free display of promotional text, which gives the merchant the opportunity to highlight its advantages in just a couple of lines.
  2. Check your feed to see if it contains dead links.
  3. Strive to achieve a clean feed. Avoid redundant information; the potential buyer will be inundated with information during this time, thus he is looking for clear and concise information. Make sure to constantly keep prices and delivery times up to date. There is nothing more frustrating than calculating a delivery time only to receive your gifts too late.
  4. Potential buyers are looking for products they might not necessarily be familiar with, thus they will often depend on your help. Therefore please ensure that the merchant contact data is correct.
  5. Modify the appearance of your website by adjusting the graphics or layout to reflect the Christmas season. Adjust your logo, place Christmas symbols or choose a festive background for your website.
  6. Provide your customers with specific additional services available that relieve you of certain efforts and underline these amenities in your catalog: Gift service, addition of gift cards with dedication, corresponding vouchers, etc …
  7. Offer your customers a valuable return service. Of course the potential buyers cannot always be sure if their gifts are met with enthusiasm when received. A generous return policy will consolidate their intention to buy.

It’s Christmas Time, what is your gift to Lengow clients?

T.W. : Every shop that registers with us via Lengow is eligible for a discount of 25% valid for one month. Merry Christmas in advance 😉

Thank you Themah for answering our questions.

Geoffray SYLVAIN

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