Interview of the Month: Sébastien Bocahut, VP Sales


A few weeks ago, Sébastien Bocahut joined the Lengow team as VP Sales.


Hi Sébastien, could you describe yourself in a few words?

In a few words: I’m 43, married, with two lovely teenage girls, Manon and Charlotte. I’m from Lille, where I grew up and went to business school. I am also in love with Corsica (and a Corsican woman), where I spend my holidays between Mare é Monti. I love to cook (and eat), I do a bit of sport (badminton) and I like nice cars. My motto is carpe diem.

What’s your professional background?

I joined Lengow on 18th August. Before that, I was VP Sales at SalesForce Marketing Cloud for 3 and a half years, where I developed the B2C marketing division from online retailers and brands. My entire career has been devoted to sales: I spent 10 years with Xerox, then I joined Locatel to help develop the IPTV business in upscale hotels. Then I fell into the world of digital marketing, joining web start up Cheetahmail (an email solution company  based in Lille, that was then bought by the English company Experian), and finally leading a French subsidiary team for an American management platform for marketing campaigns, ExactTarget, which was then  bought by Salesforce. I love selling – persuading customers, helping them with their success, and in turn with our own. I particularly love leading teams, to coach them and develop their talent. 6 words to describe me would be hard working, skilful, determined, challenging, motivating, and fun!

What made you want to join Lengow?

Mainly the 7 years of experience and development that Lengow has had as a company, the leadership position, the tech industry, and the huge growth potential Lengow still has, both in France and internationally. But most of all, because of the people who work here.

I am also convinced about Lengow’s opportunities for growth. I am proud to be a part of Lengow, our platform, our teams, and I want to share this positive energy with our customers – especially prospective ones! We are the industry leader, we must continually be innovating our product and our methods, to gain even more of the market share in Europe, and soon in China too.

Tell us a bit about your role, and what you hope to achieve?

It’s very simple: my job is to ensure Lengow’s growth through the development of our customers and expanding the market share in all the countries we operate in. My mission will be to establish a method of effective sales, to align all sales onto one growth objective, to make the best of each, and to implement the processes and tools that simplify our lives and advance teams further, to ensure both our success and that of our customers.

What advice would you give to retailers looking to develop their business internationally?

Quite simply, talk to us. Lengow can accompany you in your international development as we help our customers to grow. International markets are so important for retailers who can no longer remain confined in their local market. To help with this, Lengow makes life a lot easier for retailers, giving them the tools to optimise their own business and make the right decisions to increase their sales.

Any last words?

Let’s make it happen!

Tegan Marlow

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