The e-commerce ecosystem is just a click away with Lengow’s “App Store”


Confronted with ever-changing consumer behaviour, online retailers are expanding their use of solutions to tackle their multi-channel demand. These solutions need to be used in conjunction with one another if retailers want to optimise how they manage their e-commerce activity. Inspired by this observation, Lengow has developed an application gallery to meet the current and future challenges of e-commerce.

[This article is the first in a series of articles dedicated to introducing our partners for the Lengow “App Store”.]

Centralised E-Commerce Tools

Found within our platform, this store offers new opportunities to retailers who are eager to boost and enhance their e-commerce activity. Thanks to the various partnerships that we have set up with a range of players in the e-commerce eco-system, our platform users can now link their product catalogues to e-commerce apps, and manage them within a unique interface. All the day-to-day tools are brought together in one place allowing retailers to benefit from picking the apps that best correspond with their needs.

A Wide Range of E-Commerce Apps

Nearly 40 apps from the following categories are already available in our gallery:

  • Advertising Technologies,
  • Reviews & UGC,
  • E-mailing,
  • Brand Marketing,
  • Social Marketing,
  • Performance Marketing,
  • Price Monitoring,
  • Real-time Personalisation,
  • Product Recommendations,
  • Translation,
  • Web-To-Store.

Let’s take a look at the “Advertising Technologies” category, which not only includes “all the leaders”, but also incorporates innovative dynamic advertising startups such as The Motion and Bannerflow. You don’t need to have technical knowledge of ad creation to create eye-catching product catalogues. Instead, by working with these solutions, you can easily create a striking format to display your product catalogues.

Advertising Technologies Solutions


From banners, to landing pages and videos, Bannerflow allows you to build and publish your campaign visuals in a matter of minutes. Everything created in the Banner Builder is automatically in HTML5, meaning that you don’t need to have any coding skills to use it. The solution allows its users to optimise their campaigns for different devices (ie. smartphone, desktop), adjust image sizes and alter the messages being broadcast. You can also plan, analyse and optimise your campaigns in real time.


Specialising in video ads, TheMotion platform transforms your entire product catalogue into one-click video ads in order to engage your customers more during the buying process. TheMotion takes care of all the formatting and adjustments to suit your needs, so all you have to do is update your catalogue.

If you would like to integrate your solution into our apps gallery, contact us: Click here

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