Let’s get down to business at #LengowDay Paris


Following up on our preview of the International track at Lengow Ecommerce Day last week, the Lengow team invites you to discover the exciting Business track we’ve cooked up for you.


“Stop wasting money on tools that don’t help you find clients”

During this roundtable moderated by Benoît Gaillat, Lengow is offering you the chance to discover the best acquisition tools to help you grow your ecommerce site.

Fabien Dutrieux (Mazeberry Marketing Manager), Cyril Bouskila (Le Guide Sales Director), Damien Verichon (Stylight Senior Business Development Manager) and Jonathan Ravallec (R-Advertising Sales Director) will answer your questions about various critical topics. They include RTB (how to optimize your targeted advertising?), Affiliation (how to get the most out of the best platforms), Shopping comparison sites (how to get started on them?) and email marketing (could it still be the most effective marketing medium?).

The panel will also focus above all on how to measure attribution related to these various acquisition tools.
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“The new rules of the Marketplace game”

This round-table moderated by Thierry Derouet will take a close look at the essentials you need to know about to overcome the barriers to entry for marketplaces. Marc Menase (Menlook CEO), Jane Barge (Mirakl Head of Client Success) and Rodolphe de Bragelogne (Nextase Marketplace Sales Director) will share with you the key benefits you can expect from marketplaces in 2015, the roadbloacks to bypass and traps to avoid as well as the strategies to adopt to best manage markets and products. 


“Can we finance ecommerce innovation in France?

During this roundtable moderated by Jean-François Ruiz (digital expert and Lengow Day Startup Spotlight jury member), startup investments will be the topic of discussion. Samantha Jerusalmy (Elaia Partners VC and Partner and Girls In Tech Paris Co-Director), Jérémy Uzan  (Alven Capital VC and Partner) and Patrick Robin (Avolta Partners Managing Partner) will answer the following questions about venture capital and ecommerce. Who finances innovation in France? Why is raising money and finding financial partners a good idea? How can you create a pitch deck that gets your startup funded? How to take your activity to the next level and when is the right moment to do it?



Recruitment: how to find the best profiles who can embrace the challenges of the ecommerce of today and tomorrow?

Because ecommerce always requires people who have the latest skills and expertise, having a specialist on your team is crucial. Jacques Froissant (Altaïde), Frank Pasquet (ARROWMAN Executive Search) Hymane Ben Aoun (Aravati France) will give you excellent advice on how to attract and retain talented people who have the latest skills, the exact type of people you’ll need to help you while you pursue your growth strategy.



Bazaarvoice: Increase your sales and retain your clients by using User Generated Client (UGC)

This master class offers you the chance to discover how to setup a strategy for curating content generated by users (i.e. UGC: User Generated Content). Moderated by Estelle Spinnewyn, Bazaarvoice Client Partner, this master class will also be an opportuntity to answer the following burning questions. Are the amount and reach of UGC important elements for your sales strategy? How does the curation of these pieces of content support the transformation of your company?


PayPal: Offer a smooth experience with One Touch

During this master class, Caroline Thelier (PayPal EMEA Director) will present Paypal’s new feature One Touch which is already a hit with online merchants. Already integrated by several innovative applications such as AirBnB, Lyft and StubHub, One Touch allows for paying by simply touching a screen. This is useful because it completely removes the need for a user name and password for every single payment.



Get ready for the sales season

The summer sales season as well as the winter equivalent are some of the most important periods of the year for online merchants, in regards to their overall sales numbers. This workshop will therefore be the chance to share with you some best practices for thoroughly preparing your ecommerce site for the summertime.

This workshop will be led by Lengow experts Clothilde Le Cose and Xavérie Durandet. They’ll answer the following questions.

Why should you brace for the sales season? How do you best prepare for them? How can you use the values of your product catalog?


Stay tuned to the Lengow Day website, our Twitter page (www.Twitter.com/Lengow_UK) and our blog for more updates leading up to Lengow Ecommerce Day next week on June 2!

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