How to increase your brand recognition and improve engagement with Google Ads?


Google Ads is the advertising platform for the world’s most commonly used search engine. It is also one of the most effective advertising and marketing levers on the Web: according to HubSpot (State of Marketing Report, 2022), 63% of web users have already clicked on a Google advertisement. Better still: 65% of users click on adverts when they want to make a purchase (The Social Shepherd). This means that a well-positioned advert is likely to generate a click – and a sale. Therefore, Google Ads are crucial for brands and online merchants wanting to develop their online recognition and improve consumer engagement, provided that they optimise their campaigns using the levers made available to them by Lengow.

Google Ads: Many challenges for online stores

For an online merchant, Google Ads campaigns offer a host of benefits: well-optimised adverts help to increase the brand’s visibility (therefore its recognition) and boosts traffic on its online store or at a physical retail outlet (in Web-to-Store mode).

But this type of approach also presents a number of challenges. Because, although Google Ads is a powerful e-commerce lever, it is, nevertheless, important to control how it works, use the different functions set up by the platform wisely, and also comply with the constraints imposed by it.

In essence, this means:

  • being able to position your ads as high up as possible in Google’s SERP so that they are visible to web shoppers in the frame of their search;
  • creating relevant ads for users on Google as well as on related distribution channels, both online and offline;
  • offering a quality customer experience;
  • complying with Google’s requirements in terms of different advertising formats;
  • following changes in the algorithm (and adapting to them);
  • launching effective campaigns by drawing on a minimum of in-house technical resources.

Lengow helps you meet these challenges on Google Ads in two ways: on the one hand, by focusing your attention on your target audiences through pre-configured feeds adapted to the platform’s different functions. On the other hand, by optimising your ads across all of Google’s channels, namely by ensuring that they comply consistently with the platform’s requirements.

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How to boost your performance on Google Ads with Lengow?

First and foremost, there are two essential requirements for generating effective campaigns on Google Ads: you must have a well-structured online store supported by a complete inventory, and you must have a Google Shopping catalog and a dynamic ad catalog. With this, you can count on three levers available on the Lengow platform.

Pre-configured product feeds

Lengow’s pre-configured product feeds help you create and optimise different types of Google Ads campaigns:

  • Shopping campaigns, such as Local Inventory Ads.  These geolocated ads are part of a Web-to-Store logic: web users access ads linked to their geographic location when they are close to a point-of-sale. When they click on the ad, they are directed to a Google-hosted page where they have the chance to consult a variety of information about the shop: opening times, inventory, directions, etc. To optimise these Local Ads, Lengow offers two essential product feeds: Local Product Inventory (to send details of your stock in-store) and Local Product (to create and complete the product sheets available in-store). Other optional feeds, such as Google My Business Locations, can be created and managed outside Lengow.
  • Shopping campaigns, such as Remarketing, which involve creating ads based on data supplied by Google Ads with a view to more precise targeting of web users who have already performed relevant actions (they have clicked on your ad without buying, they have already made a purchase, etc.).
  • Dynamic Search Ads. These campaigns are based on the content of your online store so as to create targeted ads in a dynamic manner. Even more interesting is the fact that it is possible to target web users with the help of data feeds saved and updated in Google, which allows you to providey the platform with updated information in order to avoid problems with stock, for example. All this is done through the Google Dynamic Search Ads catalog in Lengow.

Furthermore, Lengow offers you the chance to create customised distribution channels with the “My Custom Channel” function. A means of managing your own distribution structure according to your needs.

Creating compliant ads

As we said earlier, the Google Ads platform has a number of compliance rules that online merchants have to follow, whether on the search engine itself or on partner channels. Lengow’s tools help you ensure that the data in your product feeds comply with the fields and formats imposed by the platform – name, description, price, inventory, etc.

To that end, Lengow has set up a powerful error handling system, Google Shopping – Online Products. This tool allows you to spot any errors made when setting up your campaigns, and remove any blocking points, in particular with regard to feed alerts (errors relating to product attributes) and item alerts (problems relating to the platform’s refusal of certain items).

The perfectly calibrated distribution of Google Ads adverts

Finally, Lengow provides you with the keys for creating perfectly calibrated campaigns. It does this with the help of two levers:

  • “Additional sources” that allow you to combine several data sources in order to create an optimised product catalog so as to guarantee web users a relevant experience on all channels – with constantly updated information. Additional sources is particularly useful in the frame of Local Inventory Ads.
  • The setting up of “automatic rules”, which lead to the creation of product ads with a greater impact in a minimum of time – by defining rules or conditions that will be applied automatically to all the desired products before the feed is sent to the distributor.

The levers developed by Lengow support you in the creation and distribution of Google Ads campaigns that are relevant (for your target audiences) and effective (for your business).

Take your Google Ads campaign to the next level!

Sofia Carvalho e Pereira

Sofia is a language enthusiast with an academical background in Linguistics and Strategic Communication and PR. Before joining Netrivals' and Lengow's e-commerce content team, she worked in diverse sectors as part of their marketing departments.

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