5 Google Ads Automations For Your Campaigns via Lengow


A must for advertisers, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) allows merchants to make their products known on Google’s distribution platforms: Google Display Network, Google Shopping and Shopping Actions (Buy with Google). To increase the visibility of your products on Google and save time setting up and managing your Google Ads campaigns, find out how to automate this process with Lengow.

To implement the following automations, you need to have a Google Ads account. 

1/ Generate dynamic ads with Dynamic Search Ads

With Google Dynamic Search Ads (or dynamic ads from Google’s Search Network), you have to opportunity to reach a new target audience of buyers. From a search made by an internet user, Google automatically generates an ad in its search results according to the product pages from your e-commerce site. To set up this type of ad, Google requires advertisers to have a well-developed online store and a complete inventory.

To generate Dynamic Search Ads with Lengow, you need two catalogues: Google Dynamic Search Ads and Google Shopping. They will allow you to bring your products up in Google.

Your Google Dynamic Search Ads catalogue includes two fields: “PageURL” and “custom label”. The first field indicates precisely the destination URLs you want to use for your ads. “Custom label” allows you to add custom labels associated with these URLs, in order to organize the targeting of your ads.

2/ Personalize your ads with ad customizers

The Ad Customizer allows you to complete your original ads by adapting your text ads in real time and according to a context. Date, location, countdown, prices, promotions, … so much data allows you to personalize your message according to internet users’ behaviour (searchmade on Google, device used, location, date, day and time of the search).

NB: This information must appear in your catalogue.

To create and automate the updating of your ads, Google gives you access to a script called “Ad Customizer”. To configure it, you must import your “company data” feed (available on our platform) into Google Ads, then paste the code of your script. For more information, see our article “Automate your ad updates with Google Ads (AdWords)“.

3/ Optimize your Google Shopping performance with SEMrush

When you sell your products on Google Shopping, tools like SEMrush, Google Ads and Lengow can help you improve your ranking in Google’s search results and set you apart from your competitors. To optimize your Google Shopping performance with SEMrush, you need to determine the most relevant keywords on which you want to position yourself and establish a list of negative keywords.

Once this first step is completed, analyze the number of searches performed based on the keywords you have selected in SEMrush, then go to Google Ads to create a list of negative keywords that will exclude your product ads from being displayed in search results. Finally, to increase your visibility, don’t forget to use our automatic rules to optimize your product titles by adding relevant keywords.

4/ Disable your unavailable products

To avoid running ads where products are out of stock, Google provides you with a script to disable campaigns when products are unavailable. To implement this automation, you must import your “company data” feed (available on our platform) into Google Ads, then paste the code of your script. For more information, see our article “Automate your inventory management with Google Ads (AdWords)“.

5/ Segment your products with Custom Labels

To improve the performance of your shopping ads, Google provides you with Custom Labels. With the help of Custom Labels, you can segment your product catalogue according to the values of your choice: seasonality, stock level, promotions… To use this feature, you can set them directly within our platform in your Google feed and use our automatic rules to segment your offer and adjust your bids according to the performance of your products.

Find all the examples of Google Ads automations in our automations library!

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