The Emergence of Niche Marketplaces in Europe


As we witness the growth of e-commerce, a concurrent evolution is unfolding – the rise of niche marketplaces. These specialized platforms, focusing on specific product categories or consumer segments, are significantly reshaping the online retail landscape. The expansion of these niche marketplaces, particularly in Europe, is a trend that savvy online sellers cannot afford to overlook. Lengow, a leading e-commerce automation solution, can significantly facilitate your venture into this thriving domain.

[Executive Summary]

  • The growth of niche marketplaces in Europe is significantly altering the e-commerce landscape. Over 2,000 such platforms now exist, with 42% based in Europe, offering targeted consumer segments and increased visibility for sellers.
  • Lengow, an e-commerce automation solution, aids sellers in capitalizing on this trend, leading to substantial growth rates. For instance, sellers on the niche marketplace ManoMano have seen +20% annual growth and +3,000 daily orders.

The Evolution Towards Niche Marketplaces

While global e-commerce titans like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have long dominated online retail, a distinct shift towards niche marketplaces has been unfolding. These platforms specialize in a specific product type or cater to a unique audience segment.

According to research, the number of online marketplaces worldwide exceeds 2,000, with a significant 42% headquartered in Europe. Out of the top 100 marketplaces in Europe, 34% are non-European (mainly USA), and 10% are UK marketplaces, indicating that 56% are European cross-border marketplaces. Of the 56 European marketplaces, two-thirds originate from the EU16 (mainly Western and Northern Europe), while one-third hails from Eastern and Southern Europe. This diversity brings a broadened perspective to the e-commerce realm.

The niche marketplaces making a splash range from Avocado Store in Germany, specializing in sustainable products, to high-end fashion curators like the UK’s Farfetch and France’s Vestiaire Collective. Among the top 100 marketplaces selling in Europe, the most popular categories for niche marketplaces are Fashion/Jewelry/Baby (22%), Art/Craft/Gift (11%), and Home/Garden/DIY (8%).

Popular categories_niche marketplaces
Top marketplace categories (Image credit: CBC).

Other popular niche marketplaces in Europe include ManoMano, a home improvement and DIY-focused platform; home24, an online furniture and home décor retailer; and Decathlon, a sports goods marketplace.

The Benefits of Engaging with Niche Marketplaces

There are numerous compelling reasons to engage with niche marketplaces as a seller. The most prominent is visibility. While global platforms like Amazon expose you to a vast customer base, they also place you amid intense competition. In contrast, niche marketplaces offer a streamlined audience, enhancing your ability to stand out and attract your target customers.

Consumer expectations also favor niche marketplaces. With today’s discerning consumers seeking not only products but also products aligning with their values, niche marketplaces satisfy this demand. They offer a curated product range resonating with their target audience’s specific interests and values.

Finally, engaging with niche marketplaces can lead to improved conversion rates and customer retention. These platforms cater to a highly targeted customer base, often leading to higher conversion rates. Moreover, they foster a sense of community that promotes customer loyalty.

Expert advice: Find all niche marketplaces for all categories with our Marketplace Finder.

Leveraging Lengow for Success in Niche Marketplaces

Foraying into multiple niche marketplaces can seem daunting. This is where Lengow steps in. As a top-tier e-commerce automation solution, Lengow provides a platform to centralize, optimize, and track your product listings across more than 1,600 sales channels, including a wide array of niche marketplaces.

Lengow enables you to manage and tailor your product feeds for each marketplace, ensuring accurate, comprehensive, and platform-specific product information. Additionally, it offers advanced analytics tools for performance monitoring across platforms, helping you identify trends and make informed decisions.

For instance, by using Lengow, sellers on the fast-growing European niche marketplace ManoMano can efficiently manage their listings, optimize their product feeds, and improve their visibility on the platform. Lengow customers on ManoMano experience on average +20% growth year on year and +3,000 orders a day

It’s a similar case for sellers on Decathlon and home24, demonstrating how Lengow simplifies operating across multiple niche marketplaces.


The rise of niche marketplaces in Europe offers a plethora of opportunities for online sellers. Their focused approach, targeting specific consumer segments, allows sellers to stand out and connect with highly interested customers. Tools like Lengow simplify the venture into this burgeoning field. Capitalizing on the trend of niche marketplaces may just be the key to your next phase of business growth.

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