‘My Custom Channel’: manage your e-commerce activity with complete autonomy


Available within our platform, the ‘My Custom Channel’ application allows you to create a personalized structure for a broadcaster along with many other functions in complete autonomy. Discover how Lengow’s customers use the application on a daily basis to optimize their internal and external e-commerce activity.

With the ‘My Custom Channel’ application, you have all the tools you need to create your own structures in order to:

access niche broadcasters that aren’t available on our platform,

meet internal needs (business tools, sharing information feeds, campaigns on diffusers, internal tests, etc.).

For example, some of our customers use the application to help them with logistics by creating a specific file containing only details about product dimensions from their source catalogue. Others use the app to create a specific feed for a specific country, or to send a specific catalogue for a sporting event to an affiliate platform, for example.

Accessible within our platform, ‘My Custom Channel’ doesn’t require any technical know-how and allows you to go beyond the simple management of product feeds by offering you even more freedom and autonomy. By using the ‘My Custom Channel’ application, you open new doors to the management of your product catalogue and bring unlimited additional sources of business to your e-commerce activity.

How can ‘My Custom Channel’ custom feeds help your business?

In a company, certain divisions are often detached from e-commerce activities. These divisions don’t always have access to the same tools available to their colleagues in the e-commerce department. In order to connect the services, ETL (Extract Load Transform) software can be used to collect and convert information from different data sources. Although these software programs make it possible to centralize information, they are usually still highly technical, creating a dependence your IT division. This is where ‘My Custom Channel’ comes into play. The application offers the same advantages, with simplified implementation and complete autonomy!

An international brand that manages more than a hundred online distributors on a daily basis wants to be able to easily automatically manage the information sent to diffuser. They will be able to do so with the ‘My Custom Channel’ application:

Control all the information sent to distributors and maintain control over the brand image (especially when modifying a product photo),
Ensure exclusivity on a new product by sending to only 2 or 3 distributors and excludeing the product in question from other feeds,
Quickly adapt product data to the structure requested by the distributor, as well as in the case of a product data update.
–  Speed up a launch on new marketing channels, in order to test new markets and reach a new target market,
Harmonize and ensure the workflow of the transmission of product data.

Find out now how to create your own feed structures with our application ‘My Custom Channel’!

Mockup: Rawpixel

Naomi Botting

Communications Manager - UK/NORDICS