No compatibility restrictions on the distribution of your products with the application “My Custom Channel” from Lengow


For many years the product catalogues of on-line merchants have been uploaded through rigid formats unique to each selling partner. Today you can find find 2000+ of them on the Lengow platform. This paradigm has since evolved considerably to arrive at a new generation of partners proposing customised layouts for every e-boutique need. Here at Lengow it became obvious to us that on-line merchants needed a new tool that would help them to create by themselves the structures needed for any particular destination. It’s in this context that we have created the application “My Custom Channel”.

What is “My Custom Channel”?

Available within our platform, the application “My Custom Channel” enables Lengow e-commerce users to create their own fully customizable formats, without the need to pass via a technical support service. Thanks to a tool that’s accessible entirely on a no-fee basis, we give them even more freedom and autonomy.

Whether it is to create a structure for a particular channel or a structure that is customised for other needs, this new application opens up possibilities for your business. With “My Custom Channel”, you can create connectors to an unlimited number of channels, regardless of whether or not they are compatible with Lengow, that can be destined for internal or external use.

How does the Application “My Custom Channel” work?

If you want to create your own structure, you need to first install the “My Custom Channel” from our collection of Lengow applications.

In just a few minutes you can configure your own structure with a name, a country, a logo, a format (CSV, JSON, XML) and the associated delimiters. It should be noted that some channels frequently provide a file containing the expected format. If you have this type of file already, you can take advantage of pre-populated data by importing it directly via our application.


Once this step is performed, you must define the entire set of fields within your structure (whether optional or mandatory). Please note that you can also add a description for each field, such that within your feed parameters you can identify to what each of them corresponds. The order of the fields may also be modified.

To ensure an effective follow-up of your sales, also remember to add a tracking code to your structure. To benefit from this option, define the field in which the tracking will be performed.

Concerning the final dispatch of your products, two possibilities are available to you:

  • Transmit the URL of the outgoing product catalogue to the relevant channel,
  • Or upload the same product catalogue onto the FTP server of the channel.

Finally, if the channel has provided you with a list of categories to enable the classification of your products within the platform, integrate them directly into the application “My Custom Channel”. In this way, during the configuration of your feed you can align the categories of your product catalogue to those provided by the channel.

Available within our collection of applications, “My Custom Channel” can subsequently be accessed from the list of available channels, once your custom structure has been created.


While this format is useful to access niche distributors unavailable within our platform, the application “My Custom Channel” also allows users of our platform to develop their own structures for other internal needs such as the use of trade tools, specific channel marketing campaign requirements or even for internal tests.

This facility will be available in just a few days within our app collection. With “My Custom Channel” you can go much further than the traditional management of feeds on existing rigid structures. Using an e-commerce platform as Lengow, you can open up a wide field of possibilities and penetrate unlimited sources of additional business.

For more information on this feature, contact our teams:


Mickael Froger

CEO @ lengow

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