PIM: why use Product Information Management software?


PIMs (Product Information Management) emerged in the era of data multiplication and are becoming an essential tool to respond to the multi-channel sales strategies increasingly adopted by brands and retailers. Read this article to find out how Lengow works with Akeneo PIM to help enrich your product data and deliver a quality shopping experience to consumers.

What is a PIM?

A PIM is a software allowing you to centralise, standardise and structure all your product data within a single space, using the various data sources used by all your company’s departments (ERP, CRM, databases, files, etc.).

Once collected, this product data is enriched, easily updated and then sent to all of your online and offline sales channels: e-commerce site, mobile application, marketing channels, physical catalogues, points of sale, etc.

As well as providing consistency and the efficient distribution of your product data, PIMs provide a space for your teams to collaborate around your company’s product data.

In the PIM market, there are proprietary solutions and open-source PIMs like Akeneo.

Akeneo, the open-source PIM leader

Akeneo enables merchants (B2C and B2B) to create qualitative product experiences with its PIM and Product Data Intelligence solutions. Descriptions, images, colours, customer reviews… Akeneo interfaces with well-known third-party systems such as Excel and CSV files or source applications.

Once this data has been centralised and harmonised, it is important to optimise your data using a feed manager, enabling you to sell your products across as many sales channels as possible. To help merchants get the most out of their product data, Lengow and Akeneo have strengthened their collaboration by developing a new additional source.

Lengow and Akeneo a winning combination for your product data

Available in beta version in our application library, this additional source allows you to retrieve all the information present in your PIM software, in order to merge it with your main product catalogue.

Title, description, brand, EAN, weight, manufacturer information… add up to 200 attributes of your choice to your main catalogue available from your Akeneo PIM. Then manipulate this information to complete the product data you wish to publish on marketplaces, social networks, affiliate platforms, etc. Like this, you’ll deliver the relevant product information to the right place at the right time.

Want to know more about our new Lengow additional source for Akeneo? Contact our team to find out more:

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