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Check out our conversation with Lengow’s HR Manager,  Gautier Briendo.

1/ Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little about what you get up to at Lengow?

Sure, I’ll be quick to avoid boring you! We like efficiency at Lengow.

I’m Gautier, I’m 32 years old, and a native of Nantes! I studied HR at the University of Nantes (IEMN-IAE) and had HR experiences in various sectors (industry, service, accounting) before discovering the e-commerce sector with Lengow.

My role in the company is to ensure that the organizational and human sides of the business run smoothly. This involves many aspects such as consulting, training, employee representatives, and office management. I’m lucky to have a great team to rely on to achieve these goals, whether it’s for HR, office management or internal communication.

2/ Can you briefly tell us the history and evolution of Lengow?

Despite its recent appearance (we’re celebrating 12 years this year), Lengow’s history is so rich that it’s hard to summarize it in a few words. If I have to go through the exercise, Lengow is a company from Nantes that focused on a simple idea: help brands and retailers to succeed in e-commerce. To do so, it relied on investors who were able to help us develop our large-scale projects such as the opening in 2012 of the Paris office to launch internationally, the launch on the Chinese market, the discovery of Munich with the creation of an office there and the growth from 2 to 130 employees! (To relive the story, click here!)

Finally, each year brings its share of new developments and 2021 is not left out with a new page opening for the company. The acquisition by Marlin Equity opens up opportunities and new motivating challenges for all the teams.

3/ What will be Lengow’s major HR challenges in 2021?

On the HR side, the arrival of Marlin Equity means further structuring of certain aspects to meet the company’s needs. The 3 key points are:

  • Recruitment: the ambitious projects we have for the next few years will lead to numerous recruitments in all teams (sales, IT, customer relations, etc.).
  • Good integration of new employees: Recruitment does not stop with the promise of employment, it is important to maintain a link with the future employee until they start. Then they need the keys to kick off on the right foot in the company. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with a distance learning tool (360Learning) which allows us to automate internal training as much as possible and ensure that anyone can access it. This has been a saving grace with the various lockdowns that have affected us and forced us to work remotely.
  • Acculturation linked to the arrival of Marlin Equity and the numerous recruitments. Company culture is constantly in flux and adapting to the environment in which it operates. At the same time, we have to retain a guideline! This is a fragile balance because, without the guideline that has forged Lengow during all these years, many projects would not have been successful.

4/ Can you tell us more about the recruitment process?

The next challenges will lead us to structure our teams, particularly through recruitment, whether in Paris, Nantes, or Munich.

To find out more about Lengow life and current vacancies, visit our website. And if there are no suitable vacancies, you can send an unsolicited application, as our needs change quickly!

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience, during the recruitment phase, and one that represents the experience of a Lengow employee. This will be an opportunity for the candidate to discover the life of a Lengow employee through exchanges with the HR team, the manager and the employees of the team.

5/ Finally, how would you describe Lengow’s “company culture”?

What I liked about this company from the start was the deeply human story. This term does not stop at team cohesion and goes into the respect of each employee, especially in the private/work-life balance. For several years now, we have had a social barometer to get a feel for the company’s evolution and this is a key aspect that comes out every year. This is probably why we have so many co-optations of employees each year.

Finally, through this exchange, we can understand what makes Lengow successful: Adaptability – Collaboration – Team spirit – Innovation

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