Product Ads: How to Use Them Best


Product ads are a popular way for brands and retailers to promote their products and drive sales. These ads typically feature a product image (or a video), along with information about the product, such as its price and features. Popular channels for displaying product ads are Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Google.

Reach a wide audience with Product Ads

Utilising Product Ads can help merchants reach a bigger audience, which is one of its main advantages. Brands and retailers can reach consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products by adopting tailored advertising on the most appropriate online sales channels. Therefore, there is a higher likelihood that the advertisements will generate sales.

It is vital to choose the most relevant channels according to your objectives, your industry and the audience you target. Lengow for example is partnering with the main Social Media channels (Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) and is listed as an official Google partner.

Impress your audience visually

Product ads also have the benefit of being very visually appealing. Since the advertisement’s primary focus is the product image, it is critical that it be of the highest caliber and best represent the item. Potential buyers can be drawn in and persuaded to click on the ad and learn more about the product with the aid of a strong product image.

Visually attractive images (and videos) are extremely important for discovery commerce, which Gen Z loves to practice.

Example of Discovery Commerce (Meta)

Product Ads with reviews for promotion

In addition to the product image, product ads also often include other elements such as ratings and reviews, as well as the option to purchase the product directly from the ad (native shopping solution). This makes it easy for customers to take action and buy the product, which can help increase conversions and drive sales.

In a social commerce context, a native shopping solution is one in which the entire shopping process – discovery, reinforcement (social proof, reviews, etc.), add to basket and payment – takes place wholly on a social media platform, without once leaving it for another site. Examples are Facebook and Instagram Shops but also Pinterest Shopping.

Product ads are also a great way for brands to promote new products or special offers. By highlighting these promotions in their ads, businesses can generate excitement and encourage customers to take advantage of the offer.

What are you waiting for?

Overall, Product Ads are an effective strategy for companies wanting to market their goods and increase sales. They can assist brands and retailers in reaching a larger audience, showcasing their items in a visually appealing fashion, and facilitating client action and purchase.

With Lengow, you can use Product Ads optimally for more than 1400 marketing channels. This is made possible by the following features:

  • Create effective ads using a product catalog that is structured, organized, and optimized
  • Fill in your inventory so that non-stock product ads are paused
  • Create catalog segments to determine the most pertinent products to publish.
  • Use the best images to present your goods and draw potential customers.
  • Reach people who have visited your e-commerce site via retargeting
  • A/B test your Google ads to see which one converts better by easily comparing different titles, images, or descriptions.
Product Ads Demo

Adrian Gmelch

Adrian Gmelch is a tech and e-commerce enthusiast. He initially worked for an international PR agency in Paris for large tech companies before joining Lengow's international field marketing & content team.

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