Success story: Improved individualisation of Dr. Pierre Ricaud’s European campaigns with Lengow and Reelevant


Founded in 1986, the Dr Pierre Ricaud brand creates highly effective, ultra-efficient skincare products that combine natural ingredients and technology. Since its creation, the brand has designed its products in its own laboratory, manufactured them in its own factories in France without intermediaries, and distributed them through its own networks, mainly mail orders and online. The acceleration of digital, support, and customisation are central issues for the brand, which has been able to implement this thanks to Reelevant and Lengow.

Before using Reelevant and Lengow, the management of the different feeds was done by the internal marketing teams at Dr. Pierre Ricaud. The teams quickly needed to automate email campaigns and, at the same time, be closer to customers in order to deliver the most personalised message possible.

Dr. Pierre Ricaud has been using Lengow since 2018 to distribute its product catalogues in 6 countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia) mainly for SEA campaigns. The client uses channels such as retargeting platforms, product ads, affiliates, price comparison sites, and on the Reelevant App.

Dr. Pierre Ricaud has connected its product feeds from Lengow to Reelevant and uses Reelevant as part of its CRM management. With Reelevant, the client is able to provide an individualised message to each customer in France, enhance personalisation, support customer choice, and offer broder content.

With Lengow’s optimisation rules, Dr. Pierre Ricaud teams can easily rework the emails’ contents sent with Reelevant (e.g., detail the list of ingredients present in a product), as well as adjusting the prices according to countries.

Implementing Lengow in 2018 has allowed us to accelerate and optimise acquisition campaigns. Combined with Reelevant, the 2 tools allow us to have personalised emails and to be closer to our customers to better engage them!

Valentine Rougier

Head of E-commerce & Customer Marketing at Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Our client, which has only recently integrated Reelevant, has already received very positive feedback from its customers and has improved its response rates. The CRM and marketing teams are much more autonomous in the daily implementation of the different campaigns.

Dr. Pierre Ricaud’s long-term objective is to use Lengow’s and Reelevant’s solutions even further in order to offer even more personalisation and thus provide the best possible customer experience.

About Reelevant

“People don’t buy products, they buy emotions. People are motivated by stories, not marketing campaigns, which is why 9 out of 10 people don’t interact with message content.

Our goal is to change the vision of content in marketing campaigns, getting away from the diktat of content created for campaigns. We need to change the paradigm because it’s the user who decides when and where to read a message and who asks for content, not the marketer.

That’s why we developed Reelevant: to create visual stories on demand. We’re reinventing marketing messages and email (but not only) with On-demand Visual Content, to drive more engagement and interaction.

We create stories that combine data, logic, and content, via a workflow system.”

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