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Check out our interview with Adrian Gmelch, International Communications Manager in the Marketing & Communications team at Lengow!

1/ Hi Adrian, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

With pleasure! My name is Adrian and I’m in charge of international communication at Lengow, more precisely of the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). I also supervise the UK and Chinese markets. I was initially based in Paris, however, I ended up wanting to move to Nantes. Lengow allowed me to change location without any problems, which was a real bonus!

2/ What does your job consist of? What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge: to make Lengow known internationally, with constant coverage! The goal is that Lengow becomes THE reference for e-commerce in Europe and beyond. We’re on a good track! We have to constantly find the right strategies to make Lengow shine. It’s a stimulating daily challenge!

3/ Who do you work with internally?

I collaborate mainly with my teammates from the Marketing and Communication team. We brainstorm ideas and coordinate with each other. I am also in permanent exchange with the sales team in Munich. It’s important to keep in touch with themit helps them in their work, and it helps me in mine. Good, smooth internal communication solves more than one problem! 

4/ And externally?

Externally, I am in permanent contact with Lengow’s partners, such as OTTO, idealo, Fruugo, etc. to set up joint communication/marketing operations. We organize e-commerce events for e-merchants and retailers. In addition, I am in contact with journalists and I manage actions with other partners that are not yet integrated into the Lengow platform. 

5/ What tools do you use?

I work a lot with WordPress for Lengow’s website and blog. E-mailing tools like Stripo or Mailchimp are valuable for a successful communication and marketing strategy. As Lengow is constantly changing and adapting to its environment (which is a good thing!), I have to be open to the use of other software or platforms. This makes it possible to learn continuously. I also work a little with Adobe’s creative suite. 🙂  

6/ What project are you currently working on?

We are working on studies that show the maturity of brands in e-commerce in Europe. The objective is to create strategic content for e-merchants. I’m also working on establishing a relationship of trust with the press. These two points will be a priority in the coming months. It’s really interesting!

7/ Finally, can you pick one song to summarise Lengow?

Hm, so honestly I’m more into cinema than music. So I would rather choose a movie or a director… Lengow is like a movie by M. Night Shyamalan, director of The Sixth Sense (1999) and The Village (2004). It’s full of surprises! Only good twists, of course. 😉 

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