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Today, we speak with Fabien, Project Solutions Team Leader in Lengow’s Tech team!

1/ Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Fabien, I’m 31 years old and I’ve been passionate about computers and new technologies since I can remember!

2/ Did you want to be Dev when you were little?

I discovered web development during small informal workshops at college and was hooked right away. It quickly became a passion and my hobby. In an era where the internet was far from what it is today, where the connection rarely exceeded 56k and learning opportunities were limited, you had to be patient and curious to learn and progress.

3/ What did you study?

After catching the ‘tech fever’, my studies naturally oriented towards computer science. I obtained a DUT in Computer Science (A-Levels) and then a degree in web professions. Ten years ago, professional training was rare, but already qualitative. I had to move across France to obtain mine! I could have continued my studies to do a masters degree, but I preferred putting all these years of knowledge into immediate application.

4/ What does your job involve?

I’ve worked for almost 10 years as a PHP and JavaScript developer, in companies and with clients of various sizes. After a year and a half as a developer at Lengow, my daily life is now more oriented towards management. I try to support my team as best as possible in achieving our common goals, to find solutions for the product team but also to the other development teams.

5/ What technologies do you use on a daily basis?

Our team works daily with PHP, via the Symfony Framework and with JavaScript, mostly via the React library. Although less common, we also use the SQL language (PostgreSQL). We’ve heard of that thing called “Python”, but we’re not very fond of things that crawl…

6/ How do you organise your work?

Like the other technical teams at Lengow, we work in agility with the Scrum method, usually on two-week sprints. Increasingly, we also try to involve and mix the different development teams on cross-functional projects, to increase cohesion and promote knowledge sharing.

7/ To finish, what are the essential qualities for a dev?

Curiosity and passion. Having had the opportunity to have studied in the field or not, a person who is passionate and curious to learn can easily become a good developer and become part of a team!

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