[White paper] Succeed in your international development with marketplaces


Each year, marketplaces play an increasingly important role in the global e-commerce sphere, from a consumer, retailer, or brand perspective. To ensure you succeed on marketplaces, discover our white paper written in partnership with the agency Wunderman Thompson. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to develop your business on these essential platforms.

Everything you need to know to get started on marketplaces

Marketplaces will account for two-thirds of global B2C online sales by the end of 2020.

The rise of marketplaces is driven by the growing number of companies adopting them to facilitate online sales, accelerate international expansion and broaden the product range while improving processes, logistics and costs.

We have seen key international retailers follow this path, such as Walmart or Target. However, thanks to new technologies, changing sales models, and changes in consumer behaviour, a number of new entrants have entered niches or new markets. These new platforms are now attracting a wide variety of retailers, brands, and international retailers.

Marketplaces are no longer simply offering a simple experience. They are removing the complexity of the buying journey and turning it into a daily activity, allowing consumers to plan their purchases in a sustainable and personalized way.

Marketplaces represent powerful growth levers for your online business and offer many advantages: greater visibility, a new audience, diversification of your revenue sources, limited investments, rapid international development, etc.

However, before getting started, it is important to ask yourself the right questions: What do I need to sell on these platforms? Which marketplaces are the most suitable for my business and my objectives? What key steps do I need to take to successfully integrate?

Lengow and Wunderman Thompson: a complementary partnership in marketplace expertise

Lengow works closely with many marketplaces and has been supporting thousands of retailers and brands that want to launch on these platforms for more than 10 years. To write this white paper, we have joined forces with another expert on the subject: the international agency Wunderman Thompson. The agency, which has 21 offices worldwide, also accompanies many retailers step-by-step in the development of their marketplace strategy.

Thanks to the combination of our expertise, this white paper is available to answer all your questions and provide a complete vision of the market.

Download the guide now to discover what opportunities and challenges marketplaces represent and how to integrate to use them to your best advantage in your online development!

Naomi Botting

Senior Communications Manager - UK, Northern Europe, China