Dynamic Ads for Retail: boost your in-store sales with Facebook


Launched by Facebook in 2016, Dynamic Ads for Retail allow players to give visibility to their in-store products and attract buyers to their stores via ads. In this article, we run through how to set up Dynamic Ads for Retail on Lengow’s platform.

How do Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Retail work?

Facebook’s Dynamics Ads for Retail give merchants the opportunity to increase traffic to their physical stores and offer consumers an alternative way to buy with localized advertising campaigns.

From your product catalogue, Facebook allows people on the move to discover products available in your stores according to their geographical location and to perform an action by clicking a button to benefit from additional information: get directions, call the store, etc. In addition to promoting your physical inventory, this format (available as a carousel or collection) brings a new dimension to your physical activity.


How to implement Dynamic Ads for Retail in Lengow

Before creating your ads, you must first inform Facebook of the locations of your shops, as well as your opening hours.

To create a Dynamic Ads for Retail feed for each of your stores in Lengow, you then fill in the attributes related to a given store:

“store_code”: the ID of the store where your product is located,
“retailer_item_id”: the unique ID for each product,
– “Price”: the price of the material in a given store,
“sale_price”: The sales price of the article for the given store,
“quantity”: means the number of items available in the given store.
“availability”: the availability of the product in the given store.

Concerning this last attribute, if it is not defined, then the product will be considered as available (i.e. in stock). If this is not the case, make sure to exclude your products or indicate that they are out of stock.

Note: if you have a Dynamic Ads feed, you still need to create a new Dynamic Ads for Retail feed like this one is dedicated to your products in-store.

To facilitate the configuration of your product flows, we advise you, for example, to add two columns to your product catalogue: one corresponding to your stock of products in-store and the other to that of your e-commerce site. If this information is not present in your catalogue, you can always add it using an additional source.

If you want to boost your business traffic during this period, this advertising format is ideal to boost your sales and give your customers an appointment in-store. To find out more about Dynamic Ads for Retail on Facebook, contact our teams.


Source: Facebook.

Image: Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels).

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Field Marketing Specialist

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