[Interview] Enrich and contextualise your data with Akeneo


Lengow and Akeneo have one thing in common: they both work with a treasure trove of merchants and brands. Today, product data is more important than ever to successfully manage one’s omnichannel activity.

1/ Hi Charles, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure, Naomi! So, my name is Charles Barbé, I joined the Akeneo team 3 years ago to manage technological partnerships with third-party publishers. These partnerships are what makes up our DNA. Akeneo is a Nantes-based publisher of PIM (Product Information Management) software. Our mission is to support merchants in the restructuration or digitalisation of their activity by offering them solutions designed to enrich and contextualise product data according to distribution channels.

2/ How can merchants offer a quality shopping experience in the current context?

Recent events have shown us the importance of an omnichannel presence—the ability to free a brand from its physical store can be a key factor of success.

The purchase journey is increasingly fragmented, and consumers are over-solicited and faced with endless product information to process according to their current needs and desires…

Sales channels are varied; each has its own modus operandi. Teams that create product information are multidisciplinary and multicultural, contributing to the enhancement of the user experience by enriching data, images, videos, as well as the storytelling that enhances the brand image. Taking advantage of a product reference where everyone can collaborate and enrich product data is a key element to reduce your time-to-market and gain consistency on your product data.

3/ How is product data a key success factor, particularly on marketplaces?

According to an Opinion Way study for Akeneo and Accenture carried out before the crisis, the use of marketplaces by French consumers has risen by 30% recently. 26% use this channel to find out the technical characteristics of a product. When we know that 8 out of 10 French consumers have abandoned a purchase due to deficient product information, it becomes crucial for marketplaces to optimise this product data.

Each marketplace dictates its own codes and formats; mastering its product data when distributed across multiple marketplaces is a key factor for better conversion.

4/ What is your advice for brands and retailers looking to succeed in e-commerce?

Analyse the purchase journey and invest in the channels that your target audience prefers.

  • Akeneo PIM allows you to distribute your information across all your sales channels. (Note: see our article on how Lengow and Akeneo work together to help you publish your product catalogues)

Look after and contextualise product information

  • Akeneo PIM ensures you provide complete product data
  • Akeneo PIM manages languages and markets, enabling you to localise product information according to the market
  • Akeneo PIM allows you to structure information according to the codes and format of each channel

Share your brand values and create new experiences

  • Akeneo PIM allows you to create different entities, contributing to the creation of realms dedicated to values, seasons, themes, etc.

5/ What will the PIM of tomorrow look like?

Expectations are high when it comes to promoting brand values. The PIM of tomorrow will have to prioritise this.

Tomorrow’s PIM will also need to capitalise on artificial intelligence. This work is already underway since the Akeneo Franklin library provides access to a knowledge base facilitating the curation and enrichment of product data.
Roughly 20% of consumers with intelligent speakers use them to
shop and that’s expected to rise to 50% in the next 12 months. That being said, the codes and requirements for this channel are extremely different and PIMs must integrate this need to be prepared for the e-commerce of tomorrow.

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