How do I set up the Lengow for Zapier application?


In our last article on Zapier, we looked at different ways to automate your orders to help you save time and to keep yourself informed about the evolution of your business in real time. Today, we’re exploring how to configure the Lengow for Zapier application to facilitate your order management on a daily basis.

Set your initial trigger

To use the Lengow for Zapier application, you must first have an account on the Lengow platform. When you’re connected to your Lengow account, you can activate Zapier from our application library.

When creating your “Zap”, select Lengow as the trigger application and then define the trigger or event to tell Zapier when to execute a zap:
– the reception of a new order,
– order update (i.e. changing its status).


Send your data to the application of your choice

Once your “Zap” has been linked with a trigger and is able to automatically retrieve orders, configure the “action” of your “Zap” by selecting the application from which you will import your data. Zapier offers a wide range of applications to import data such as Office 365, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Typeform, Evernote, Airtable, Salesforce, and many others.

Let’s take Google Sheets as an example. To perform this “action”, you must first connect your Google account to Zapier to enable access to your files. Once the “Zap” is created between Lengow and Google Sheets, you can retrieve information about your orders.

Example 1: You want to track your orders. With each new order, a new line is added to your “Logistics tracking” file with the following order information: product details, customer details, delivery tracking…

Example 2: You want to manage your stock. ith each new order, a new line is added to your “Logistics tracking” file with order information and quantities ordered. Like this, you can relate the quantity of items sold in your order to your stock data in this (or another) file.


Once your action is set up, click on finished and view your completed “zap”:

screen zap final

Your “Zap” is now in place, the automation is running in the background. Your file will be filled automatically as your customers place orders.

If you’re looking to save time, the Lengow for Zapier application is ideal to simplify your business processes, enabling you to stay focused on the growth of your business and to get the most out of your tools.

To learn more ways to use the Lengow for Zapier application, check out our workflow library!

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