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We caught up with Andres Villarreal, Setup Team Manager in Lengow’s Customer Success team!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hola, I’m Andres, I’m Colombian and I have been living in France for almost 10 years now! I have also lived in Spain and Australia.

 Before joining Lengow, I worked on urban development projects in the environmental field… nothing to do with e-commerce! I wanted to explore new horizons and so, I joined Lengow and have been here for 4 years! 😀

2/ And your job? What’s your biggest challenge?

I lead the setup team that takes care of connecting our merchants to our solution. My main challenge is to get our merchants connected quickly so that they can start taking advantage of Lengow’s features and selling on channels as soon as possible.

 The second challenge is that each merchant and therefore each connection is unique. This means that the level of complexity involved in setting up the catalogue plus order management (if the merchant wants to sell on marketplaces) is quite variable as is the general knowledge level of the merchants. This is the purpose of the setup process and our role is to accompany them to ensure everything runs under the best conditions.

 Finally, my team also shares its expertise with the sales team when they have questions/doubts during the pre-sales phase.

3/ Who do you work with internally?

The setup team works predominantly with the technical teams for the connection part, (modules, reprocessing, marketplaces, etc.) and the back office team for the administrative part. Of course, we are in close contact with all the other Customer Success teams. We also work with the marketing and communications team from time to time, to join them for external Lengow events.

4/ And outside of Lengow?

We may have to work with agencies for some setups (Feed Manager for example). We also work with distributors (marketplaces or marketing channels) and of course with our merchants. 

5/ What tools do you use?

There are lots! Zendesk and SalesForce to communicate with our merchants, FileZilla to check the deposit of the merchants’ files on our (S)FTP or theirs, Datadog to watch logs, Sublime and Excel to analyse the files, Evernote to take notes and also Postman to do tests on our orders API!

6/ What project(s) are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the setup project process to make this stage as easy as possible both for our merchants and internally, so that the various interactions with the other teams (back office, technical, etc.) are quicker and more efficient.

7/ Finally, which song would you say best represents Lengow?

It’s a cool place… and now you’re an All Star! 🌟🌠

All Star – Smash Mouth

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