PRODUCT RELEASE | Changes to the platform to help you make business decisions


Summer was filled with enthusiasm at Lengow with lots of new developments! Many new partners will join our platform this autumn… It’s time for us to reveal all and provide a summary of all that’s new and improved on Lengow!


Insights: plan your next business moves

Exclusively revealed on 1st October at Lengow Day, our 100% digital event, a new Insights brick is currently being deployed on our platform: Business Recommendations.

Get inspired.

Insights continues to evolve with new functions that consolidate our platform and enrich your e-commerce business.

Your business—whether online or offline—is complex and adapting is the key to success. Certain things can lead us to get a bit lost: varied product catalogues, the multitude of marketing channels and vast network of marketplaces available to you. You know which target group is addressed by which marketplace and which categories are highlighted, but one important question stands: is this marketplace the most suitable, the most profitable and best for MY products? 


We make your data speak for itself.

We are proud to present a brand new marketplace recommendation system! From now on, we will be able to suggest the marketplaces best suited to your products, with the associated turnover potential.

This update (currently in Beta) is based on the EAN codes present in the catalogues of our retailers and brands.

As a reminder, the EAN code (also known as GTIN) is a unique global identification number that characterises your product references. The matching of your EAN attribute, allows you to directly link your offers (prices and stock in your catalogues) to the already existing products of the distributor. This saves you from having to create a product file which would require more settings.

We match your products with similar items already sold on the marketplace, using a representative sample. By studying the orders placed for these products, based on their sales prices, we then estimate your potential turnover if yours were also present on this marketplace.

Then, in just a few clicks, you can set up your catalogue and publish it on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, etc. These business opportunities, which can be directly activated by your teams, will save you time and resources. Enter new markets in record time!

Please note: if you have activated tracking via Lengow, we will also be able to recommend other marketing channels such as price comparison engines. Thanks to Lengow tracking, we know when internet users have put an item in their basket and we can therefore also provide you with an estimated income. 


Making informed decisions for your business has never been easier!

The first in a wide range, Insights is a fundamental brick of Lengow. We’re convinced that the distribution of your products is a means, not an end. We want to do more and more to support you to generate quality campaigns. We look forward to hearing what you think so that we can keep improving our recommendations!

Please note: This functionality is currently in the test phase, and will only be available to merchants with correctly completed and matched EANs in their catalogues. 



The good news continues… here’s what’s changing

Your publication: made to measure in complete autonomy.

Did you just update prices and stocks on some of your products and now you want to send your catalogue back to a marketplace quickly? It’s now possible thanks to the ‘update now’ button available in the diffusion reports.

Please note that the button will not always be available; depending on the date of the last update of your feed, it could be greyed out. Ths roll-out is ongoing and will be progressively integrated on all our marketplaces.


COMING SOON – More effective publication rules.

As far as channels are concerned, rules have been revived! A few months ago, we proposed a brand new rules engine with the Optimisations feature on the catalogue side of things. So, logically, we applied it to the rules you use when setting up your marketing channels.

In practice, the result is:

  • A new design
  • Better reliability, speed and flexibility in the choice of your conditions 
  • New functions, such as deleting numbers at the beginning or end of strings or removing settings from tracked URLs
  • Improved conversion lists

COMING SOONExport and view your catalogue easily, whatever its size.

Catalogue export is now available for all types of catalogues, whatever their size: you no longer need to wait on the ‘Preview’ page for the file to be generated. Just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll let you know as soon as your export is ready. You can then analyse your catalogue before publication, pass it on to others if necessary and above all make sure there are no errors.



Partner news

eBay – Sales history

You used to sell your products directly on eBay but you’re now publishing your catalogue via our platform? When you re-publish your products via Lengow, your history of sales made so far will be kept. This history gives priority to your listing when buyers search on eBay. Maintain your position on eBay!

Allegro – EAN matching and promotions

EAN matching

Allegro groups together all offers that point to the same product using the EAN code or Allegro ID of the product. The aim is to give customers a better browsing experience to easily find the right product and the best offer. 

From 14 October 2020, Allegro requires that at least 1% of your offers be linked to a product in the Electronics, Beauty, Culture and Entertainment categories.

Make sure you fill in the EAN code attribute on the Lengow platform and/or the product ID for the above categories. If you do not send the necessary elements to group your offers, Allegro will display your offers at the bottom of the product search page in the category.

Management of promotional labels


You can send “promotional campaigns” to display labels on your products, allowing you to highlight your promotional offers from the product search section on Allegro.

For example, depending on your sales, you can use the “HIT” badge to highlight the most popular products and increase their visibility in search results. With the “NEW” badge, highlight your new products.


 We’re proud to welcome them onto our platform!

Introducing two new marketplaces, ready to receive your products:

  • Distribute your products on Leroy Merlin France, the European leader and #3 globally in DIY. Leroy Merlin is one of the top 10 most visited e-commerce sites in France with 10.5 million unique visitors per month.
  • Start selling on LDLC, the #1 high-tech company in France! Boost your business by benefiting from millions of tech-addicted internet users with more than 3 million visitors per month and 500,000 active customers.

Contact each marketplace to find out if you are eligible and authorised to publish your products on their site.

Your feedback is essential to us and allows us to continue to improve the quality of our service for you, a little more each day. We would be delighted to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and help us to imagine the Lengow of tomorrow!

See you soon!

Naomi Botting

Field Marketing Specialist

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