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After a year that left a serious mark on your commercial activity, it’s time to dive into 2021 and towards new e-commerce perspectives! The Lengow platform has been enriched with new data sources and destinations for your products. This month, if you are looking for a new European market to conquer, head for Germany.

INSIGHTS: Our objectives

A few months ago, we presented one of the founding bricks of INSIGHTS: Business Recommendations. This recommendation system shows you the most suitable marketplaces for your products and the associated turnover potential.

We make an anonymous comparison between your products and similar items already sold on the marketplace. By studying the orders placed for these products, based on their sales prices, we then estimate your potential turnover if yours were also present on this marketplace.

Today we provide you the opportunity to go further in the personalization of these recommendations. You will set your business objectives yourself and we will show you opportunities based on your real business and ambitions. With INSIGHTS’ objectives, you will be able to inform: 

  • your current and expected turnover (over 6, 12 months… up to a maximum of 10 years)
  • the countries you are targeting if you are in a phase of international expansion

You will receive personalized recommendations for marketing channels in the market(s) where you are already present and in the countries you’d like to set up. You will know your turnover potential over a personalized time frame.


These performance indicators will also be displayed in the ‘Channels’ tab when you search for a new sales channel. Then, in just a few clicks, you can set up your catalog and activate its publication on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, etc.

These business opportunities, which can be directly activated by your teams, allow you to save time and resources.

Lengow is your partner in e-commerce success!

Akeneo: The main source for your product catalog


Lengow works with the PIM software Akeneo to enable you to enrich your product data and offer a quality shopping experience to consumers. Our connector now allows you to retrieve some of the information from your PIM software to make it the main data source for your catalog. Automating your product exports from Akeneo to Lengow will therefore be more autonomous and comfortable for your brands and merchants.

New developments are also planned so that you can retrieve the Assets (notices, additional images, media, etc.) linked to your products as well as the Reference Entities. The common objective is always the same: to enrich your product catalogs even more and thus make the product sheets more complete.

Shopware 6

The latest version of Shopware’s CMS (Shopware 6) is now available on Lengow (in addition to the version already compatible with Shopware 5).

The open-source e-commerce CMS is designed for medium to large-sized online retailers and has already been adopted by more than 100,000 international customers, with a strong presence in Germany. Export your product catalog from your Shopware module to the Lengow solution and then select the marketing channels on which you want to distribute your products. You can also receive and manage orders from marketplaces in your back office.

Proudly presenting…


“We believe that the partnership with Lengow will allow us to present more qualitative local brands and products that will improve the diversity and quality of AliExpress offers,” clarifies Cheer Zhang, Global Operation Market Director, AliExpress.

Here are the latest marketplaces to join Lengow’s platform. Ready to receive your products:

  • Sport meets lifestyle on Colizey, the French marketplace connecting athletes to the best online sports brands and retailers.

  • Internationally, AliExpress has opened its marketplace to Lengow sellers. By applying its “local to global” strategy, it now allows brands and retailers selling in the French, Spanish, Italian, English and Russian markets to sell their products online via its platform.
  • Distribute your products on the generalist marketplace Otto. The platform is Germany’s market leader, counting 7.5 million active customers and 3.4 billion euros in sales in 2019. A few prerequisites in order to sell your products in Germany and abroad: 
    • A company based in Germany (with a German tax identification number); you provide customer service in German and you ship from a German warehouse
  • From the Spanish market, Venca also joins our platform. Specializing in the fashion sector, showcase your clothes, shoes, and accessories on the Iberian Peninsula!

Contactez les marketplaces en amont pour savoir si vous êtes éligible et autorisé à publier vos produits sur leur site.

Your business needs define our next roadmap

At Lengow, we consider our clients to be part of our product team! That means your feedback is essential to us and allows us to provide a useful, quality service, which improves a little more every day. We take your feedback seriously—we put what we can into the roadmap to be converted into features of our platform!

As the year kicks off, our product teams are working to define the platform’s main development priorities for the coming year. For the first quarter of 2021, the course has been set: the key focus is on the integration of new marketing channels, and evolutions of functions are already being studied.

So that our product team can provide what you really need in order for your e-commerce business to perform, we’re all ears!

Let’s talk about your needs—send us an email. Feedback is also taken into account from Zendesk comments. So please feel free to share your feedback about your use of the platform. Help us to imagine the platform of tomorrow!

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Field Marketing Specialist

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