Guest article: How to increase your conversion rate on eBay


The key to ecommerce success is being seen. In order to sell on eBay your products need to be seen and more importantly, your ads need to be read.

We contacted François-Xavier Morre, co-founder at Sonuts’ (a platform for creating high performance eBay stores), to ask his advice on how to make your eBay adds more appealing and increase your conversion rate.


Conversion rates

Conversion rate is calculated based on the number of unique visitors turned into customers, subscribers and users divided by the number of total unique visitors. Therefore, if you’re eBay ad has been viewed by 100 visitors and you have made 5 sales, your conversion rate is 5%. The average conversion rate is around 2-3% and varies depending on the device.

Your eBay profile

When you distribute your products on eBay, you can gain feedback and ratings which form your reputation on the marketplace. eBay views this information as an indicator of your store’s quality. Conversion rate is a criteria used by eBay to evaluate the performance of your store. You therefore need to keep these two criteria in mind for selling success on the marketplace.


How can I make my ads more effective?

If you are having trouble with your product ads’ performance, here are a few tips to help:

1. Identify all the products with a conversion rate lower than 0.5% and re-publish them.

2. Try changing factors which could influence sales, for example: price, shipping fees, product photos or the ad design

3. Progressively re- publish the ” less effective” ads, eBay will interpret them as new products, thus if your selling rate exceeds 0.5% this time, eBay will give your ads a chance of appearing  at the top of search results for a few hours or even days.

Last tip, don’t tamper with your most appealing product ads, these products, which have a high conversion rate, are your star ads and generate traffic to your site. The more ads like this you have, the more visible your store will be and consequently the higher your sales will be.

Happy selling 🙂

Kathryn Bird