Facebook Dynamic Product Ads improvement


Launched just over a month ago, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads service has been improved to simplify the process for online advertisers.

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Dynamic Product Ads enable merchants to advertise their product catalogue on Facebook. Using the social network’s data (likes, location, etc), users can create campaigns targeting specific products to specific people, or allow Facebook to advertise the most relevant products to the most relevant people.

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What’s new?

If advertisers prefer, it is now possible to upload your product catalogue directly onto Facebook, without passing through one of Facebook’s partners. To do this simply create a Business Manager account. This account also centralises the management of all pages, applications and ads.

Use dynamic product ads with lengow

You can now use a Dynamic Product Ads with Lengow. Get in touch with us to find out more: contact@lengow.co.uk

Kathryn Bird