Enhance your Buying Experience on Google Shopping with “Shop the Look”


On Tuesday, Google announced the launch of “Shop the Look”, a new feature for ready-to-wear brands distributing their products on Google Shopping.

Only available for mobile users, Shop the Look offers customers a new interactive shopping experience, where they can discover and purchase products from styles they type in the search engine.

Inspire Mobile Shoppers with “Shop the Look”

When a shopper searches a look on Google, like “cocktail attire” or “wedding dress”, they will be offered a carousel of looks from brands, bloggers, etc. In every look they will be able to access a list of products they can buy. With this new feature, Google intends to respond to new ecommerce shopping habits, where mobile users occupy a growing share.

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How do I Set Up “Shop the Look”?

Shop the Look has limited accessibility at the moment, as it is still currently being tested by mobile users in the US. Google will make this more accessible over the coming months. To use this feature you need to create a Shopping campaign but also make sure your bids are properly optimised. Finally, in regard to billing, it will be CPC as usual.

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