Google Shopping Infographic: 10 ways custom labels can help your campaign


More and more online retailers are choosing to distribute their products on Google Shopping. Available in over 23 countries and with over 3.3 billion queries every day, Google Shopping has become an invaluable part of the e-commerce machine. Retailers are constantly faced with new competition, so it is crucial to strengthen online your presence to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

One way you can hold your own and improve profitability is by organising and optimising your Google Shopping campaigns. To help you do this, the platform created the Custom Label feature. Custom labels let you create ad groups by dividing your product catalogue. To ensure optimum results and boost sales, Google advises you to match your custom labels with your commercial objectives. If you are a Lengow client and already distribute products on Google Shopping, you can add fields for the labels in the solution, and create automatic rules for your feed.

 Lengow is the one-stop shop for all things e-commerce, so to help you use custom labels and optimise your Google Shopping campaigns, we have created an infographic with 10 Custom Label Use Cases.


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