[Whitepaper] Get ahead with Facebook Dynamic Ads: your e-commerce guide


Today, over 30% of the worldwide population are active on social media. More and more people shopping online visit these marketing channels, and the role of social networks in e-commerce is now so large that they are due to generate nearly 3000 billion dollars by 2018. facebook_whipaperAs the biggest social network in the world, with more than 1.65 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a sure reflection of this trend: 46% of its users visit the site whilst shopping online. The link between e-commerce and Facebook is so strong that in 2015, the social network decided to launch a new advertising format targeting online retailers: Facebook Dynamic Ads.

With Dynamic Ads, online retailers can now promote their product catalogue by personalising advertising campaigns throughout the client purchasing process, (from when a customer initially discovers a product to when they complete a sale), setting up retargeting and/or acquisition campaigns. Since its launch, more than 2.5 billion unique products have already been imported.


> Save time with one sole creative content
> Continuously visible, evolving adverts
> A “cross-device” impact for your campaigns
> Relevant and customised messages

Our new whitepaper is available to download for free now, and aims to help you create quality Facebook Dynamic Ads to boost sales on the social network. This means putting in place performing bids, defining your audience, thinking carefully about the placement of your ads…

Download our new Facebook Dynamic Ads whitepaper now.


Lucy Bayley