[Whitepaper] Succeed on Marketplaces Internationally


Marketplaces are occupying a growing share in ecommerce. So much so, that they are set to represent 40% of the global online retail market by 2020.

Livre_blanc_marketplaces_ENDriven by giants like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, whose platforms represent 80% of e-commerce in China, the use of marketplaces provides a solution for both buyer and seller: they offer a wide choice of products for shoppers, whilst giving visibility to e-tailers’ product catalogues.

Whether general or specialised, these platforms represent real methods of growth and offer multiple benefits to your online business: gain visibility, acquire new customers, increase revenue, reduce costs, and develop internationally.

However, before launching your business on marketplaces, a number of questions need to be answered. How do you anticipate its launch on various marketplaces? Which marketplaces would be best to internationalise your business? Which steps do you need to follow for a successful adaption into these marketplaces? And what are the specific requirements of each marketplace?

In our new white paper, available to download for free now, you will discover a set of best practices to follow, to ensure success with the distribution of your product catalogue on UK and international marketplaces.

Download our white paper now!

Tegan Marlow